• Transform magazine
  • February 24, 2021


Transform launches 2021 Transform Awards Europe excellence in brand transformation

Transform Euro 2021 For Website Final

Quality rebrands and brand developments can be found in every city, region and country. Transform is committed to recognising this brand transformation all over the world, and it is proud to announce another year of Transform Awards Europe.

Categories include the best brand architecture solution, best use of packaging, and best use of typography. Further guidance on entries is available here. Entries are accepted until 6 November, with entries submitted after 23 October being subjected to a late entry fee.

Each project will be reviewed by a panel of expert judges in the same thorough, objective process that governs the Transform Awards’ other programmes around the world.

Andrew Thomas, publisher of Transform magazine, says, “The Transform Awards celebrates the transformative power of brand strategy and design and despite the crazy, tumultuous months of global pandemic, lockdown and social distancing there is much to celebrate. The past year has seen some amazing work produced, before and even during the Covid19 crisis. It’s even more important ever that the Transform Awards recognises and benchmarks this work.”

The award ceremony and gala dinner will be held in London in March 2021.

If you require further information, contact Catherine Persson.