• Transform magazine
  • November 23, 2020


Oxsight’s clear vision for new brand

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Oxsight, the business formed from research and development at Oxford University, which is at the forefront of smart glasses technology, has rebranded with the help of Reggie London.

The company’s glasses are aimed at visually impaired people and help with conditions that cause peripheral vision loss, such as glaucoma and tunnel vision (retinitis pigmentosa). Using a camera on the frame, a live feed is projected into the user’s area of good vision, expanding their entire field of vision.

Reggie London developed the brand strategy for Oxsight and designed the identity to encompass a stylish, modern feel that avoids the often clinical, pharmaceutical style that is common in the visual aids sector.

With clarity being a key requirement of the design, Reggie London opted for a high contrast yellow/black colour scheme (known for maximum legibility) to create a distinctive brand style. The wordmark features wide letterspacing on a solid black background, the varying tone of the characters represents the progression an individual makes from limited sight to enhanced vision when using Oxsight products, and the overall style references a traditional optician’s eye chart.

The team worked closely with the visually impaired community to develop a look and feel for a wide range of printed and digital communications, including the production of promotional videos for social media.