• Transform magazine
  • May 18, 2022


Paint brands names transition from the likes of ‘Dollface’ to ‘Like a Boss’

paint picture.jpg

Ahead of International Women’s Day, U.S. based paint brand Valspar is rebranding its pink pots to counter “old-fashioned gender stereotypes that no longer have a place in modern day society.”

Deeming names like ‘Sweet Angel’ and ‘Dollface’ old-fashioned, Valspar has chosen four new empowering and gender-neutral names ‘Fearless,’ ‘Anything you can do,’ ‘Like a Boss,’ and ‘Woke up Like This.’ The brand has also asked the public to use Facebook and Instagram to vote on the new names and suggest other ones for the remaining four pink paint colours.

As part of the renaming dubbed #RethinkPink, Valspar consulted university professor and feminist campaigner Jane Sunderland, who said that the langue and how things are named plays a fundamental role in building a fairer society, and that the old names were outdated for a 21st century society in which gender equality is expected.

 The new colour names are expected to appear on the brand’s website in April and will emerge in-store later in the year.