• Transform magazine
  • July 30, 2021


Brand transformation in a transforming region


Ashish Banerjee, executive director of trategy, CEEMEA, at global branding agency Landor&Fitch, writes that as countries, particularly in the MEA region, transform, so should brands. Data proves that brand-led transformation is more meaningful, more enduring, and ultimately more successful, he argues.

The Arabian Peninsula has always been about transformation: through history, it has seen and fostered change. From the ancient marine life which fossilised and turned to oil and gas, to the desert sands that came after, to the ongoing metamorphoses of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, transformation has been the leitmotif of this part of the world.

As nations transform, people progress, and the business environment continues to evolve, brands too must transform. In the MEA region, brand transformation is critically important as we see the ascent and success of some truly world-class businesses and brands in both the private and public sectors. Future-proofing these successes and driving new ones in an era of digital transformation offers tremendous opportunities, because brand is often the missing link in digital and business transformation efforts. But, it shouldn’t be, because data proves that brand-led transformation is more meaningful, more enduring, and ultimately more successful.

In this region we are the only organisation of our kind; we’ve been here for two decades, and we are best placed to help our clients prevail over their brand challenges and capitalise on their brand opportunities. Our purpose is driving brand led growth and transformation. Brand natives and pioneers of experience design, we create stories, 360° experiences, environments and cultures that transform businesses and their brands. We offer counsel and delivery across brand strategy, brand expression, brand experience, cultural transformation, brand management and brand performance.

Increasingly, business leaders are looking for answers to some of their most important brand questions: 

  • Is our brand positioned appropriately in a changing world? 
  • Is it optimally expressed visually? 
  • Are its experiences special, and coherent across the physical, digital and spatial realms? 
  • How do we bring our brand to life in our culture and workspace? 
  • Is our brand portfolio organised and managed in the right ways? 
  • Is its performance and its contribution to business success measured optimally?
  • How best can we grow or transform our brand and our business?

If you have similar questions, we’d be happy to help you get to the answers which will make a measurable difference to your brand and business.