• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


Coca-Cola draws from its origins to launch range of dark spirit mixers

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Coca-Cola has entered the dimension of dark spirits with its first ever range of mixers, dubbed ‘Signature Mixers.’

After a decade-long rise in clear spirit consumption, dark spirits are making a comeback. Coca-Cola is taking the opportunity to extend the reach of liquor mixology to the general public, bringing the taste of its renowned drink to mixologists all around the globe. To that end, the company has partnered with some of the world’s best bartenders, creating mixers which don’t require a background in bartending to be used.

The new Coca-Cola Signature Mixers range throws the company into the domain of mixology, introducing four flavours to be paired with premium dark spirits. The design behind the Signature Mixers was conceived by independent branding agency Dragon Rouge and The Coca-Cola design team, who worked closely together to create the range’s look and integrate it with consumer testing.

The four mixers are served in a renewed Hutchinson glass bottle, a tribute to Coca-Cola’s legacy, first employed as packaging by the company in 1894. Each batch’s label hosts the signature of the co-creator and was designed to combine the familiarity of Coca-Cola with the codes of modern mixology. The label design is consistent throughout the range, with different colours employed on the batches to help discern the flavours at first sight.

With historic use in cocktails like the Cuba Libre and rum and Coke, Coca-Cola’s move is deeply rooted in the company’s origins and is inspired by the brand’s heritage. The four flavours – ‘Smoky Notes,’ ‘Spicy Notes,’ ‘Herbal Notes’ and ‘Woody Notes’ – were created by five expert mixologists, who have worked since March 2018 to experiment new tastes and test them with consumers.

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