• Transform magazine
  • April 07, 2020


City of Chelmsford brand builds on community and heritage

Chelmsford Rebrand.png

In partnership with creative agency We Are Fred, the city of Chelmsford has unveiled its first ever brand identity to support local communities and neighbouring cities. The new brand is vibrant, playful and cosmopolitan, focusing on people to build its narrative.

With the tagline ‘Chelmsford for you,’ the identity highlights the experiences the city offers, including culture, diversity, business opportunities, sense of community and heritage. By liaising with local communities, such as small and larger businesses, schools, art groups and independents, We Are Fred has designed a brand to reflect all of Chelmsford’s different realities, to generate nationwide awareness and boost inward investment.

The brand builds on a sense of belonging and pride to present its people and services. A clear, definite identity can make a difference to any city willing to fuel additional growth, and Chelmsford’s new face is already being employed across several applications, to showcase and present all of the best activities in town through physical and digital. Minimal and energetic, the new brand is a confident way to support Chelmsford’s services and its lifestyle offering, which could possibly lead to an increase in tourist flow over the upcoming years.

The identity features a black square around the words ‘for you,’ playing with Chelmsford’s name to send a message of inclusiveness and community engagement. We Are Fred’s work marks the first brand identity for Chelmsford since being granted Jubilee city status in 2012, and it is a significant opportunity for the city to foster further developments in upcoming years.

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