• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


UBS unveils new gallery at Zurich headquarters

UBS LED Screen Shot.jpg

UBS is making it clear that its authority as the world’s largest wealth management firm isn’t limited to its current success in the financial sector but is rooted in over a century and a half of strong management.

Together with Prophet, UBS has unveiled a new digital gallery in the lobby of its headquarters in Zurich. Upon entering, viewers are immediately drawn to the biggest LED screen in Switzerland, showing an animated short by illustrator Christophe Louis Quibe. The stylish and memorable piece uses single line drawings to feature past leaders and iconic moments for the firm. Of designing the installation, partner and EMEA lead at Prophet, Tosson El Noshokaty Prophet says, “To go back through the archives to build this holistic story of pioneering leadership, progression and continuity for the future has been fascinating… We wanted to challenge the typical perceptions of galleries and move away from the photographs and oil paintings to something highly dynamic and digital.” This unconventional timeline communicates to the public that UBS is the firm to build with, through economic upturns and downturns.

In today’s climate, it’s hard to ignore the complete lack of female leaders in the gallery – a glaring display of gender inequality by its very absence, but few established firms could put together films that look altogether different.

In black and white, these slightly abstracted images speak of financial security and prosperity above all else. Its gallery, in its newly renovated space, may feature chairman after chairman but regardless of how many times it redesigns its space and replaces its leaders, UBS certainly appears to be the same firm that’s here to stay.

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