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  • December 06, 2023


Rihanna offers immersive experience to fans in new Sephora-powered launch

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Α strong female presence can be refreshing and empowering to women worldwide. Rihanna is a prime example of a female figure who is ready to take over the world, conquering one industry after the other.

After her international establishment as one of the greatest modern pop singers, Rihanna decided to dip her toe in the world of business focussing on fashion and beauty.

Following the launch of Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty Beauty, in Madrid, Rihanna has collaborated with prestigious chain of cosmetics stores Sephora to launch an interactive experience in Italy, coinciding with the release of Fenty Beauty’s ‘summer body essentials’ collection.

After successfully organising Rihanna’s makeup line launch last year, experiential design agency Wildbytes was appointed once again by Sephora. The agency was tasked with arranging an even that would evoke an even bigger response in social media compared to the already impressive 1.7bn reactions the launch generated. The launch signifies Fenty Beauty adopting a more experiential-focused brand strategy.

Laia Zanon, director of production at Wildbytes, says, “In Madrid, we helped Sephora create the most successful launch by the brand so far in terms of media exposure, impressions, and engagement. This time, Sephora tasked us with creating an even more impactful event, so the stakes were really high, but I believe this event proved that we are in the era of the experience gatherers – and it truly pays off when you give people the chance to create amazing content.”

Wildbytes designed three main interactive activities around three key Fenty Beauty products. ‘Summer Body Pool’ featured a ball pit full of fur pom-poms, where fans could post Instagram pictures or Boomerangs while being rained on by confetti.

Furthemore, ‘Stunna Confessions’ featured a life-sized lip paint bottle-shaped megaphone where guests’ ‘confessions’ were recorded and broadcasted. 

Last, Wildbytes designed ‘Wild Postings,’ where a large-scale set of sculptural walls displaying all the shades of Fenty Beauty’s foundations was offered to guests to create an animated poster, and reenact the brand’s posters.

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