• Transform magazine
  • January 27, 2023


Recording Academy releases new visual identity in collaboration with Siegel+Gale

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Widely known for its annual presentation of the Grammy Awards, the Recording Academy has long been America’s premier institution for the development of music. Since 1957, its recognition of artists, recording engineers, producers and the wider music profession has contributed to its international growth. Making the decision to refresh its brand after more than six decades, the Recording Academy has unveiled a new visual portfolio.

Largely unchanged for much of its history, the Recording Academy retains its renowned gilded gramophone hallmark. Introducing a new colour system that represents the diversity and growth central to the organisation, global branding company, Siegel+Gale, developed a dynamic set of animations that showcase the expressive and creative essence of the organisation.

Its principle logotype similarly retains much of its structure, with an updated typeface now adjacent to the gramophone logo. Adapting its colour and width to the tonality and rhythm of the music paired with it, the formation of the logotype was largely designed based on algorithms that create a visual signature for the type of music run through it.

Evan Greene, CMO at the Recording Academy, says, “For six decades, the Recording Academy has worked to protect music and its creators through an expanding portfolio of programmes and initiatives, which led to a varied mix of unstructured uses for our logos, and an inconsistent brand image. As we evolved, we recognised that some audiences weren’t clear about all that the Academy represents, and all of the meaningful work we do throughout the industry.”


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