• Transform magazine
  • April 18, 2021


Rebranding risk management


For many companies in the current market, risk managers are primarily concerned with potential financial loss to a company, often resulting in pulling back if the loss is seen as excessive. However, to embrace a true risk management mindset, all aspects of the company’s risk portfolio need to be taken into consideration.

The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC), which is the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organisation, has announced the launch of its new brand identity. This rebrand is set in place with the intent of moving toward a true risk management mindset.  The OCC is one of few financial institutions to adopt a rebrand, that completely focuses on modernising the company’s customs. The OCC’s brand reputation, risk management and identity all go hand in hand.  Not only risk managers, but all employees of the OCC will adapt to this mindset, consequently forming a unified front.  

According to Richard J. Herring, a professor of international banking and co-director of the Wharton Financial Institutions Center, many risk management executives are in doubt of their projections due to the unpredictability of the current global market. Since financial risk seems to be the priority for many executives, the OCC is in a good position as the rebrand has allowed it to establish a strong foundation in true risk management as not only an organisation, but as a team.

With the current uncertainty in the global economy, the OCC has chosen an apt time to rebrand. The OCC serves as the foundation for secure markets and has asked employees to start living the brand.’ Craig Donohue, OCC executive chairman and CEO, says  "This new brand identity is an exciting change for OCC. It represents our evolution from being not only an important market utility, but also becoming an acknowledged industry influencer and thought leader.”

The new OCC logo establishes a strong brand presence in comparison to the previous logo. The transformation from the colours green to navy blue shows the evolution and maturation of the company. It represents the stable foundation the organisation can supply to the financial market. The use of the navy blue block throughout the company’s visual identity, also contributes to the brand’s positioning and establishes consistency and unity for the organisation.