• Transform magazine
  • February 21, 2020


New, urban foraging-inspired brand identity for Miller Harris’ fragrances

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Most people are guilty of picking a book by its cover or choosing a perfume based on the bottle it comes in.

That’s why, for its new range of perfumes, inspired by urban foraging, London perfumer Miler Harris partnered with London-based creative consultancy Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) for the design of a brand identity to accompany the launch of a new range, consisting of three scents: ‘Hidden on the rooftops,’ ‘Lost in the city’ and ‘Wander through the parks.’

Matthew Huband, global marketing director at Miller Harris, says “Foraging is now more relevant than ever. From foraged botanical cocktails to artisan food, we wanted to bring that sense of discovering the beauty in the ordinary to fragrance, creating a range of urban foraging-inspired scents from ‘wild’ London. There are hidden treasures to be discovered in the city.”

The three new releases from Miller Harris incorporate scents that can be found in London, such as the honeysuckle pollen found at the roof of the Royal Festival Hall, wild rhubarb found at iron railings and nettles flourishing between concrete cracks.

Consistent with the theme of urban foraging, the concept is displayed across all touchpoints, from the notes of the perfumes, to design, packaging, merchandising and brand communications.

Sean Thomas, executive creative director at JKR, says, “We took the brief literally – foraging London ourselves for inspiration for the designs, looking for the wildness within the city itself. In doing so, we’ve examined the ways in which nature and the city creatively co-exist – just as the city sends tendrils ever further into nature, so nature surges back through the urban sprawl, pushing up through the pavement and creating unexpected oases.” 

To create a unique and distinctive look, while at the same time being environmentally conscious, JKR appointed Smile Plastics to create reused and reusable fragrance holders that can be later used as boxes for the customers to store miscellaneous knick-knacks.

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