• Transform magazine
  • January 20, 2020


New hotel brand plans to keep guests exploring


Millennial travellers place priority on exploring and experiencing the city; especially cities like London most sites are outside of hotels.

Assembly, a new hotel brand, opened last month on Charing Cross Road in London. Criterion Capital, a property company which owns and manages a £2bn property portfolio across London, and branding agency Ragged Edge partnered to launch Assembly. The hotel is aimed to attract and motivate travellers to make the most out of their trip.

Today’s hotel market is competitive, with services like Airbnb gaining more market share. Affordable hotel chains have to achieve 97% occupancy in order to succeed in the industry. This causes hotels to provide as many services as possible through their hotel rooms, consequently, providing their guests with arguably unnecessary services. Criterion took a different approach. It delivered a compelling offer for a specific audience of Millennial tourists with distinctive needs.

Assembly does not include mini bars, luxury robes or televisions. Instead, it has opted for providing hotel rooms with high quality beds, showers, sound-proofed walls and high speed wifi. Most important is a central location for easy access to the city.

“Young travellers don’t come to the West End to hang out in a hotel room,” says Max Ottignon, Ragged Edge’s co-founder. Therefore, Assembly’s brand idea was designed as the antidote to the innocuous, bland aesthetic favoured by other Millennial-focused hotel brands.

With punchy lines like ‘Get Lost’ and ‘Don’t Visit. Live It.’ Assembly displays its energetic atmosphere and encourages guests to get out and explore rather than stay cooped up in their hotel rooms.

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