• Transform magazine
  • December 07, 2023


Invest Lithuania showcases beauty and brains

Įvaizdinė Youtube thumb.png

After declaring its capital Vilnius the ‘G-Spot of Europe’ for tourists, Invest Lithuania is making sure the world knows it’s open for business as well as pleasure with its ‘Best Employee in the World’ campaign.

Created by DDB Vilnius and Wide Wings, the campaign proudly positions Lithuania as a charismatic and results-driven investment, rather than, as John Oliver called it, “One of the Polands.” Its case for investment in Lithuania is personal, rather than spreadsheet driven. With Lithuania as the star character of its feature video writing a cover letter to the world, it features Lithuanians from every sector delivering results alongside the tagline, ‘Give me a challenge.’

Brand Finance rates Lithuania 67th in its Top 100 Most Valuable Nation Brands and gives it a AA- rating. Sitting in the middle of the pack, Lithuania is wise to present itself personally. Lithuania’s proclamation that it doesn’t just want to be good at things but ‘the best’ is the right tone to emphasise as countries and organisations looking for international investment opportunity will be looking for dependability and personal connections. And lest anyone take for granted the power of tourism investments, its campaign also heavily features a variety of beautiful sights throughout Lithuania.

Country branding has become an industry in and of itself in the last two decades. DDB is on of a number of firms specialising in nationwide placemaking, including Bloom Consulting, Future Brand and ASHA. Despite growing tensions between globalist and isolationist countries, international investments remain fundamental to the economic health of all nations and everyone wants tourists.

Since launching just over two weeks ago, the Best Employee in the World has been viewed over 130k times. Given how competitive nation branding has become, the impact of Lithuania’s latest campaigns is remarkable. As it turns out, Lithuania has beauty and brains.

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