• Transform magazine
  • February 27, 2020


Ice cold warmth for Norwegian telco brand

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Norway is bisected by the Arctic Circle, meaning that for nearly half the year, across nearly half the country, there is a lot of ice. One of its biggest telecoms companies, ice.net similarly covers about 80% of the Norwegian population.

The sea ice is constantly shifting, as is ice.net's business. Offering mobile broadband since 2008, the company is no stranger to the Norwegian customer, however in 2015, it launched a mobile network for private and corporate consumers. Now the third-largest mobile network in the Scandinavian country, Ice has launched a new brand, with the assistance of London-based brand consultancy SomeOne.

In classic SomeOne style – and playing into the network’s own witty moniker – the new visual identity is indeed icy. SomeOne derived the new brand mark – a snowflake that acts as the dot above the I – from an amalgamation of an asterisk and a snowflake. The visual device carries across the visual identity, highlighting key messages and offering a simple, ownable icon for use across digital platforms.

Gary Holt, founding partner and executive creative director at SomeOne, says the ice crystal was designed to add a positive touch throughout the brand. Helen Altoungarian, design director, adds, "In a sector that is seen as struggling with trust and benefits, the ice brand identity takes a more conversational approach. It creates simple and transparent communications that come from a brand that truly listens and reacts to what customers want.”

The asterisk device is a twist on the typical usage, indicating something in small-print, or a catch, and transforming it into a positive messaging device. The visual identity uses a nearly monochrome colour palette, complemented by a bright, cheery mustard yellow to brighten up the long, dark winter days across Norway’s chilly landscape.