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  • March 30, 2020


Crafting a unique identity for Rioja wine

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Many wines may have a sense of identity, but now, a Spanish regional specialty has told the world that it knows who it is. With a new marketing slogan, ‘saber quién eres,’ – or ‘know who you are’ – the Rioja regulatory board, Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja, is bringing the region to life for consumers around the world.

Winemaking region Rioja is comprised of over 150,000 acres in Spain’s northern reaches. As one of the winemaking regions with sole claim to title a type of wine – like the Champagne or Burgundy – Rioja has a regulatory body that looks after the region’s quality, brand and production. This month, it unveiled a modern, art-inspired rebrand to accompany new regulatory processes and standards. The strapline and Spanish language copy is accompanied by lush, romantic artwork.

Marketing director for the regulator, Ricardo Aguiranio says, “Knowing who you are means a lot of things for Rioja producers, it means living with pride and staying true to your roots and dedicating your life to a passion. And the consumer wants artisan products, they want to know authentic stories behind the wines.”

Artist from the La Rioja region, Carlos Corres, was tasked with crafting the new artwork for the brand campaign. The lush watercolours were actually created by using the famous Rioja grape varieties including Tempranillo and Graciano.

Designed by Spanish advertising group Shackleton, the campaign was launched at an event in London on 9 April. Aguiranio says the campaign has been designed to be long lasting, “Saber quién eres is a concept that connects Rioja wine with consumers in an approachable manner. It is a concept that captures Rioja’s most intrinsic values including tradition, diversity and origin. With this new campaign, Rioja demonstrates that it rises far above short-lived trends.”

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"Knowing who you are is valuable and courageous. It's having a direction. And be honest. Knowing who you are is your great wealth. It is not floating, it is swimming. Although, sometimes, it is against the current. To know who you are is to have as many convictions as real friends: few but unbreakable. When you do not know who you are, ask for permission. When you know it, ask for a Rioja."