• Transform magazine
  • October 25, 2021


British brand introduces safari-themed coffee packaging

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In its Christmas 2017 ‘Coffees of the World’ gift set, UK coffee and tea purveyor Whittard of Chelsea highlighted retro-inspired illustrations of animals local to the places in which its coffee derives. The square-packaged ground beans offered a fresh approach to design that allowed the predominantly tea company to differentiate its quality coffee products.

Now, a similarly animal-themed, square-shaped pack has been designed by illustrator Persephone Coelho to introduce a new level of vibrancy to the shelves and more closely tie the coffee beans to their origins. The rebrand will run across gift packs as well as individual coffee bags, tins and merchandising products.

“We wanted our packaging to more obviously link the products to their place of origin. The fantastic new designs have really helped achieve this and bring a lot more colour to our range,” says Harvinder Woodcock, Whittard of Chelsea’s buyer.

The company also reaffirms a commitment to coffee growers through the new packaging. It has promised to donate 20p from every sale of its two Guatemalan coffees to those affected by the recent volcanic eruptions.

The new packaging designs were created through ink and brush illustrations and use a muted colour palette alongside a handful of bright colours, lending the animals an exotic, almost picture book quality that should help the coffee stand out on-shelf.

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