• Transform magazine
  • September 27, 2021


Diversity and individuality at centre of Casetify rebrand

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Whether it is a picture of one’s beloved pet or the scenery of a user’s hometown, personalising a smartphone with meaningful images is one of the little details that bring everyday joy and motivation.

Casetify, the tech accessory brand that was the first to come up with the idea of customising cases with Instagram photos, has announced a rebrand in light of Apple’s latest iPhone news. The new brand identity for Casetify highlights its core message of diversity and inclusivity.

Wes Ng, CEO and co-founder of Casetify, says, “People evolve, and so did we. Our transformation is not only at the hands of the diverse and talented people who make up Casetify but inspired by the very community who found their home with us. The new direction is more inclusive, where we believe that there’s a case for everyone.”

The rebrand was led by design and strategy studio, Afterall Studios, with whom Casetify has developed a relationship. The new brand identity was focused on an updated logo and new packaging that reflects the individuality of the brand.

Allison Henry Aver of Afterall Studios, says, “Our inspiration for the logo was based around the idea of stamps, stickers, and tape – which are all things people use to personalise things they own. So, what we ultimately created was something that is both clean and easy to read with a little bit of a wink.”

The new brand identity will roll out across all of the brand’s touchpoints, including products, packaging, website, campaigns and all social platforms.

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