• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2021


Employer Brand Management Awards Europe launches 2018 programme


Across the business landscape, the employer brand continues to bear increasing relevance to the development of company strategy. Whilst brands continue to look beyond the horizons of audience and consumer patterns, many have now turned the scope inwards, defining unique and valuable employer brand positions. Rewarding those that promote a positive internal culture, the Employer Brand Management Awards remains the only thoroughfare between execution and recognition.

The upcoming awards programme now features a more comprehensive consideration of the employer brand environment, as diverse touchpoints continue to underpin success. From categories such as ‘Best use of the employer brand in customer marketing,’ to ‘Best diversity brand,’ taking a fresh look at the varied mechanisms of employer branding must incorporate adaptable and responsible strategy.

The awards’ newest category, ‘Best employee experience,’ highlights the ongoing importance of the employee, considering culture, technology and physical space as key in achieving collaborative workspace management and swift and practical onboarding programmes. Yet the programme has also broadened its scope, featuring five new categories in education, energy and utilities, FMCG, industry and basic materials and transport and logistics.

The 2017 awards saw a host of sectors celebrate successful employer brand projects, with public sector projects from Police Now and the British Army garnering recognition for qualitative and thoughtful developments of the employer brand across each company.

Andrew Thomas, publishing editor of Transform magazine, says, “We’ve witnessed a 108% growth in entries across three years of hosting the Employer Brand Management Awards, and the ongoing commitment is marked by a host of FTSE100 companies now entering diverse and perceptive projects. Along with this, the introduction of the Employer Brand Management Awards in both North America and MENA typifies the global proliferation of employer branding. The upcoming programme builds on this, solidifying the awards as the truest benchmark for excellence within employer branding.”

The 2018 Employer Brand Management Awards Europe opens for entries today, with the early entry deadline, which ensures a £100 discount on total entry cost, set for 24 November 2017. Entering before 22 December 2017 will guarantee that a fifth entry is free. The final entry deadline is scheduled for 12 January 2018. For more information on how to enter, click here. Alternatively, email mkibble@transformmagazine.net for more information about the awards.