• Transform magazine
  • January 20, 2020


Renovating the exterior facade

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After 35 years of the same brand identity, real estate brand Andrews Property Group has renovated its platform and visual identity. Developed by global brand strategy firm Siegel+Gale, the rebrand reframes Andrews’ ‘refreshingly reassuring’ approach to customer service and property management in a contemporary real estate market.

After Siegel+Gale research showed a disconnect between key customer drivers and employee focus, Andrews rebranded to close this gap by refocusing on its ability to match property buyers with professionals who care about their investment. Andrews’ old logo has been simplified into a stronger shape intended to act as a symbol of guidance and indication of forward motion in property and to instill brand confidence in its clients. This shift should help evolve Andrews into a more dynamic and interactive property partner in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Dan Vasconcelos, associate creative director at Siegel+Gale, says, “To bring the brand platform to life, we distilled Andrews’ old logo into a simpler, stronger shape charged with confidence but imbued with added meaning. The refreshed mark serves as an active symbol of guidance – indicative of the way forward in property.”

Ronda Green, marketing and customer services director at Andrews Property Group, says, “The Andrews brand identity had not been reviewed for 35 years, so we were understandably nervous. This has been a truly rewarding and enlightening experience. Siegel+Gale worked seamlessly with the Andrews team and ensured a fully inclusive process. We are all, without exception, delighted with the outcome, which has provided us with a clear point of view in a highly competitive marketplace and a great source of great pride amongst our staff.”

Owned by three charitable trusts, Andrews Property Group consists of over 700 specialists and 80 offices and has provided services in the property industry including lease and estate agency, property asset management, financial services, leasehold management and landmark chartered surveyors since 1946.