• Transform magazine
  • February 29, 2024


Flying colours

Alaska-Virgin - More+to+Love+livery.JPG

Teaming up to scale new heights, Alaska Airlines’ recent collaboration with Virgin America now offers a combined network of over 1,000 daily flights to 118 destinations throughout the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba and Mexico.

The merger now fuses together the unique identities of both brands with a red and blue combination that hopes to ignite the airways with an infusion of vibrancy. Seattle-based international brand design agency, Hornall Anderson, illustrates the partnership with a promotional livery design and a microsite that captures the essence of the collaboration.

With both visuals inherently distinctive, the iconic Inuit portrait has adorned the tail of Alaska Airlines’ planes since 1972. With the added vitality of Virgin America’s traditional scarlet red, the brand identities combine to produce a gentle balance between heritage and innovation.

Moving forward, the collaboration hopes to offer a more integrated and efficient service covering the entirety of North America’s West Coast. With a pledge of more flights and rewards, existing customers will benefit from both services as the transition binds the successful reputations of both airlines, becoming the fifth largest in the US. The combination of both reward systems will also allow customers to save on airmiles and stretching across both airlines, points can be earned between both Virgin Elevate members as well as those committed to the Alaska Mileage Plan.