• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023


UAE expansion inspires brand overhaul

By Amelia Gundersen-Herman

When Marianna Boguslavsky sought to grow her digital marketing agency with a new office in Dubai she recognised the need for a mature brand strategy.

She worked with UAE-based branding agency, James Pass Design (JPd), to build a brand that would appeal to tech-savvy SMEs and start-ups in Dubai.

Boguslavsky herself chose to rename MB Consultants as Boguslavsky & Co, a name that she perceived to be both personal, yet reflecting the input of her highly-skilled team.

JPd created an entire new brand positioning that would establish the business in Dubai. The agency carried out interviews and research and came-up with a strategy built around the theme, ‘a fresh dimension’. The slogan was intended to outline what differentiates Boguslavsky & Co. from its competitors.

Marianna Boguslavsky, managing director at Boguslavsky & Co, commented, “After working with JPD, I realized that branding is the first step to launching your business if you want to do it properly. From their in-depth brand immersion to their phenomenal creativity, I was blown away by the results.”

The new visual identity includes a continuous abstract shape that plays on the initials of the company name and the overall design has a digital focus and a modern feel.