• Transform magazine
  • May 26, 2024


Norwegian bank redevelops strategy and brand narrative


The European banking sector has sought to redefine itself after the 2008 recession rocked the foundations upon which many of the banks were built. Some have done so by reevaluating their consumer and investor services, some have changed their corporate structure and others have pursued a rebrand.

DNB, Norway’s largest financial services organisation and one of the country’s best-respected financial brands, announced a refresh of its brand strategy this week. Its rebrand follows a period of change due to mergers and acquisitions.

International brand strategy agency Siegel+Gale worked on the bank’s repositioning. It redefined the brand promise to focus on DNB’s clients and customers and emphasising authenticity.

Rana Brightman, senior strategist at Siegel+Gale says, “Norway’s largest bank, DNB, needed to reconnect with the public in a way that helped them make the most of their size and stature. It was less about being a big bank and more about being present in customers’ lives, helping them throughout life’s journey and ultimately demonstrating that they too can be a brand that is admired. The story we created is just the beginning. We are confident DNB can capture the hearts and minds of the Norwegian public with its brand-led approach to its offer, service and communications.”

The visual identity has been in use since 2011 and was created by Oslo-based design agencies, Anti and Snøhetta. It relies on the use of a lifeline feature that is intended to position the bank as catering to and connecting all Norwegians. The strategy developed by Siegel+Gale creates a new narrative intended to reach Norway’s young population and business community. Siegel+Gale will continue to work with DNB on its communications strategy.