• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


Magazine strengthens and shares travel brand

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Scott Dunn, a luxury travel retailer, has sought to flesh out its brand with a new magazine offering travel and lifestyle articles.

The magazine serves to both strengthen and share the Scott Dunn brand through content and storytelling.

Despite having its origins in retail Scott Dunn has chosen to position itself as a content provider. Well-known professional contributors give Days Like This the feel of an independent magazine, rather than a trade magazine or brochure.

Scott Dunn wants to show that it is a provider of inside knowledge and experience.

Graham Horner, sales and marketing director of Scott Dunn, says, “One of the things that really struck me when I joined Scott Dunn was just how many stories emerged from this building and this brand. We have hundreds of staff who are travelling all around the world all of the time and they come back with amazing tales about places to go and things to experience. These are all stories that are just too good to be kept in the building. I really wanted to take all that experience and knowledge and put it out there and share it. That’s what took me down the path of creating a magazine for Scott Dunn.”

The magazine will be published by Brave New World, and edited by Gill Morgan, former Saturday Times Magazine editor. Morgan says, “Scott Dunn has a very clear view of what their company is and what they excel at. They were very open in their brief. They just said, ‘Go and imagine what a Scott Dunn magazine could be.’ We were hugely impressed by the passion and knowledge in the company and enjoyed the process of translating that through the pages of a magazine.”

Horner concludes, “Days Like This is not just a brochure in disguise. This is a collection of stories and features that speak powerfully about what Scott Dunn is. It’s an incredibly effective way of communicating our brand.”