• Transform magazine
  • March 30, 2020


Chinese media group rebrands to create unified identity

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Chinese media group, 3r Advertising Services, formerly comprised of three loosely-tied agencies, has rebranded to create a more unified corporate brand.

The rebrand follows concerns that the group’s three agencies, which offer a variety of communications services from brand strategy to content marketing, were not unified under a single brand. The new name, 3r, signifies a unification of the core agencies for the first time.

3r Chairman, Hu Dong Long says, “(The new visual identity) truly captures the values and spirit of our brand. It has been extremely well received by our staff and clients alike and we’re very excited about showing our new expression to the world.”

The new identity, which was created in collaboration with global packaging and branding firm, Pearlfisher, is made up of three elements. First, a green and blue watercolour background to represent serenity and calmness. Second, an infinite grid of dots to represent the infinite possibilities that 3r Advertising Services can provide for its clients. Finally, the logo, which has both Chinese and English versions, is formed from enlarged dots, which suggests the power of connection and communication.

Rory Fegan, head of brand strategy at Pearlfisher says, “After strong growth and diversification of services, the company was suffering from having disparate identities for its different agencies. Our challenge was to create a powerful, international brand identity that unified the three agencies under the new 3r Advertising Services brand name.”

3r Advertising Services is a Chinese media group with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing. It currently works with some of China’s most well-known brands, such as Ford and Alibaba, and has experienced a year of growth.