• Transform magazine
  • June 21, 2024


David Benady

Igniting the retail revolution

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Throughout Africa, an e-commerce revolution is stirring. David Benady explores how brand design helps differentiate competitors and meets the needs of diverse audiences....

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Moving day for corporate purpose


Purpose may be this year’s buzzword, but is it superseding the importance of brand? David Benady examines the rise of purpose and its impact on corporate and product brand management...

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Avoiding clichés in gender-specific alcohol packaging


Brands are targeting a new generation of women who reject the flowery, pink-hued packaging designs of the past. Vodka brand LBD – launched in the UK this spring by Brown-Forman – is aimed at 19-24 year-old women who a...

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Bruised but not broken


For brands with sustainability and CSR sins in their pasts, the future may require penance. How can companies transform their bruised reputations to become ethical saints? David Benady investigates....

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Not what the future used to be


Post-recession, bank brands are in a period of transition. Many are trying to account for their past discrepancies while preparing for a future wholly different from that which they had envisioned. David Benady report...

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A rose by any other name


Naming a company, brand or product is not as simple as adding ‘i’ to the beginning of a word. A name has to invoke a sense of what it is trying to describe, while avoiding the potential intellectual property and trans...

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