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  • March 29, 2020



Racing toward a smoke-free future


Altering its corporate narrative while changing the societal perception of its products has required Philip Morris International to go all in on R&D, brand positioning and communications. Brittany Golob reports from Neuchâtel...

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Sustainable futures: Maersk


Maersk Supply Services is working in partnership with the Ocean Cleanup to tackle the major problem caused by the Pacific garbage patch. Its approach to sustainability runs deep throughout the business as the company ensures all of its sus...

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Kodak fashion partnership creates a new kind of moment


If it wasn’t painfully obvious from the shell tracksuits, choker necklaces and chunky sneakers, the ‘90s are in fashion right now. As a result, not only are ‘90s fashions popular, but brands that had a heyday of sorts – like Tommy Hilfiger...

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Spotlight on Inchcape Shipping Services


Beyond simply moving goods from place to place, Inchcape Shipping Services is becoming a technology solutions provider in the shipping industry. It needed a refreshed brand in order to communicate that new purpose and help it stand above t...

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Charity cricket programme unveils new brand identity


A symbol of British national identity, cricket continues to brighten the long summer days of British youth across the country. The Lord’s Taverners Disability Cricket Programme, a youth cricket and disability sports charity, has worked wit...

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ICS rebrand shapes the future of shipping


Founded in 1921, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) represents the interests of the global shipping industry and its stakeholders. It also promotes international cooperation between its affiliated organisations. A recent rebrand r...

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Benefits of British design

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.54.12 PM.png

Bicycles and satchels are iconic staples in British heritage, and often inspire the best in design. Brompton Bicycle, a manufacturer known for its compact folding bikes, has recently partnered with the Cambridge Satchel Company in the desi...

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Oil painting

TechnipFMC.jpg (1)

A recent merger between FMC Technologies and Technip sees the blossoming of newly unified company, TechnipFMC. The original companies provided oil service equipment and project management services in the oilfield industry respectively; now...

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Spreading the word


Healthy eating has been advocated since it was shown how fruits, vegetable, grains and protein provide nutrition and act in ways to benefit the body. As a result, the population is generally advised to avoid foods high in saturated fat, su...

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A Danish classic

skippers pipes.jpg

The Manchester branch of Denmark-based branding agency, Agency Spring, has teamed up with Nordic confectioners Cloetta to redesign Skipper’s Pipes, a traditional pipe-shaped liquorice confectionary beloved in Denmark....

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