• Transform magazine
  • August 12, 2020


Benefits of British design

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Bicycles and satchels are iconic staples in British heritage, and often inspire the best in design. Brompton Bicycle, a manufacturer known for its compact folding bikes, has recently partnered with the Cambridge Satchel Company in the design of a bespoke bike and matching satchel. While tapping into the urban cycling trend, the new line champions traditional British craftsmanship and embraces a stylish functionality.

In a new collaboration, the two UK-based companies have designed three new satchels, in three colours – lagoon blue, Turkish green and oxblood – which fit into the front carrier system of Brompton’s bikes. Brompton has also launched a limited edition bike in ‘gloss oxblood and ivory’ which is intended to complement the oxblood satchel. The partnership focuses on a timeless design that gives a nod to the companies’ British roots.

Julie Deane, CEO of the Cambridge Satchel Company, says, “You can’t think of Cambridge without thinking of cycling, and that’s why I included a bike as a central part of our logo when I created the Cambridge Satchel Company. I’ve known the Brompton team for a while as our paths often cross and it felt right to work with them as our first collaboration with a bike brand. Brompton share the values true to us – practical and fun products, made right here in the UK.”

Although founded decades apart, both brands were established in the ‘inventiveness and inspiration found at the kitchen table.’ The Cambridge Satchel Company was formed in 2007 after Julie Deane wanted to find a classic style satchel to give her children for school, while Brompton Bicycle was founded in 1972 when Andrew Ritchie designed a new bike for city life from his London apartment. Harmonising the two brands, the partnership builds on their chemistry and shared values of authentic British design. In this sense, the collaboration is mutually beneficial, and the new bike and matching satchel are likely to resonate with the brands’ fashion-conscious consumers, as they position the products for an urban lifestyle.

“I took over as Brompton CEO the same time Julie started The Cambridge Satchel Company,” says Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bicycle. “We have both been focusing on quality and the craftsmanship behind our products ever since. We set ourselves the challenge of producing a bike and satchel that were perfect for traveling in the modern city, while having a unique stylish look.”

The bikes are available at all Brompton Junctions, while the satchels can be found at the Cambridge Satchel Company’s five UK stores and on its global website.