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  • February 27, 2020



Fontsmith's new style guide helps designers classify typefaces


Type foundry Fontsmith has released a style guide for graphic designers, to help them decipher and recognise the most common Latin typefaces. The world of type design is in const...

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Brazilian bank follows custom typeface trend


Following big brand such as Airbnb and YouTube, Itau Unibanco, Brazil’s largest bank, has launched a custom typeface bearing the bank’s name. The new typeface can be used in every aspect of the brand, like presentations, circ...

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Light, medium, black


Crafting bespoke typefaces has become more common, particularly among digital-first brands. How do type designers approach challenging briefs and what are the benefits of implementing a branded typeface? Melina Thalassinou re...

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Fontsmith launches pioneering type system


London-based independent type foundry, Fontsmith, has introduced an innovative adaptive type system, FS Industrie, designed around five different widths and seven different weights, creating a total of 70 alternatives....

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Designers ask, 'WhatTheFont?'


In 1999, British app development company Shazam was founded in London. Its software revolutionised the relationship between people and music; instead of struggling to identifying a song, Shazam allowed users to know their bac...

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Writing patterns


Early stage geometry was used by the Ancient Egyptians to develop surveying methods, and eventually construct the famous pyramids. Developing in sophistication over time, geometr...

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100 years of Johnston font

Acton 2.jpg

The London Underground has been the system responsible for transporting Londoners from A to B for around 150 years. From the world’s first underground railway, constructed betwee...

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A-Z of London: preview

London Underground design.jpg

This weekend, 23-24 April, the London Transport Museum depot will be open in one of only a few scheduled events, The A-Z of London. Located in Acton, West London, the museum depo...

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Aldrin font creates a buzz


On 21 July 1969, Lunar Module pilot of Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, became the second man to ever walk on the moon, following the mission commander Neil Armstrong. He and Armstrong we...

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Opinion: "Fonts are core brand assets" says Bruno Maag


Many languages lack the good-quality fonts that Western markets take for granted. Bruno Maag sees this as an opportunity for courageous brands to allow customers access to their fonts, benefiting communities and driving brand...

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