• Transform magazine
  • March 03, 2024


Turntable reveals Starward Whisky collaboration

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Inspired by the stars of the northern and southern hemispheres, the partnership marks the first in a series of collaborative blends between the distilleries. The project was undertaken with the help of Thirst, a long-term design partner of Scottish whisky blended house Turntable.

With Turntable already having an established brand identity, the collaboration with Melbourne-based Starward moved into a more experimental space, inspired by the geography of the two companies. The work introduced the constellations through a richly illustrated identity, demonstrating how each hemisphere sees a different side to the starry night.

Alasdair Stevenson, founder of Turntable, says, “From the moment we started Turntable, we had an idea about working with new world whiskies in the pursuit of flavour, partnering with like-minded teams to create something special.  

“When Thirst brought us the idea of displaying constellations from different perspectives on pack we were instantly hooked. It captures the collaboration with Starward perfectly – a true meeting of North meets South, combining the sweeter wine casks with the smoke and salt of Islay, and working with some older grains and Speyside single malts to provide depth and complexity.”

Hattie Windley, senior designer at Thirst, adds, “We wanted to take drinkers on a journey of discovery. This is a blend to sip and savour, enjoyed by an engaged audience that picks up the bottle, studies it, seeks out the details and story of the liquid. We saw an opportunity to give them something new – a multi-layered concept that reveals more the longer it is explored.”