• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Storyfolk designs new identity for Open Galactic

OG Folder 2

The open-source technology platform required a new brand identity that could resonate with a broad demographic of stakeholders. Melbourne-based design agency Storyfolk, in collaboration with Saber Astronautics and The Australian Space Agency, opted to create a bold and progressive identity with a particular focus on the colour palette.

With the platform designed to advance the Australian and global space economy through collaboration and digital information sharing, Storyfolk opted to use colour as a standout feature in the design. ‘Young stars’ was the inspiration behind this, due to how they burn hotter than average stars and emit a blue-like colour. Elsewhere, the dynamic logo represents innovation and professionalism and hopes to instil trust and credibility into the platform.

Cass Mackenzie, Storyfolk's design director and partner, says, “We are big sci-fi enthusiasts in the Storyfolk office, so this project was certainly one to remember. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be working on the design and rebranding of a space program.

“It was incredibly rewarding for us as an independent design studio to be part of these conversations and use design thinking as a problem-solving tool that could go on to have a huge positive impact on society, help make space accessible and save the space industry millions of dollars in time, research, and development through the collaboration through Open Galactic's Open Source database.”

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