• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Start-up The Heroic Oat launches healthy snack brand

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Global brand agency Dragon Rouge was responsible for creating the brand’s name, developing the brand strategy and designing a brand identity. Already available in Ireland, the UK launch of The Heroic Oat is expected to take place in 2024.

Founded by two Irish entrepreneurs, Tomas Codd and Oran McGrath, the oat-based snack brand aims to answer the question of why crisps cannot be both healthy and tasty. Packed full of protein and completely comprised of natural ingredients, The Heroic Oat claims to taste as good as the beloved fried crisp, just without the nutritional downsides.

Dragon Rouge’s work centred around the idea of ‘tasty honest goodness’ and the nutritional benefits of The Heroic Oat products. Aiming to steer away from what can be a deceiving category, in which some competitors pretend to be potato-based crisps, Dragon Rouge placed the honest goodness front and centre. This was demonstrated in the choice of name, “The Heroic Oat”.


Manisha Mistry, design director at Dragon Rouge London, says, “The Heroic Oat - an innovative tasty snack with a unique founder's story which made the creative journey intriguing from the outset. The two founders; the farmer and physicist have come together on a mission using their talents and passion to create the ultimate healthy and delicious oaty snack.

“The two playful worlds collide in the centre to hero the tasty oat snack. With bespoke commissioned illustrations we have brought to life the characters in their authentic settings (the jolly farmer harvesting the best and most flavourful ingredients and the scientist calculating the flavour formula) to celebrate the creation story behind the snacks. With a touch of light-hearted tone of voice, we aim to build a personable and engaging brand that invites people into the world of healthy snacking.”