• Transform magazine
  • July 15, 2024


New Revvity brand positions biotech company as pioneer


Previously affiliated with PerkinElmer Inc., the life sciences and diagnostics spinoff brand was designed by global brand transformation company FutureBrand. The agency sought to position Revvity – whose name combines ‘revolutionize’ and ‘vita’, the Latin word for life – as a company which pioneers in expanding human potential through science. FutureBrand also devised a new logo which reflects an holistic journey, while a lowercase wordmark represents a brand which will focus on solving global health challenges.

Daniel Andersson, chief creative officer of FutureBrand, says, “We wanted to create an identity for Revvity that would truly represent a unique, one a kind brand. The design needed to convey a company that is unconventional, precise, and united in solving the world’s greatest health challenges. A brand that lives and breathes science and at the same being unexpectedly vibrant and human, including a colour palette expressing passion and energy.

“The lowercase wordmark embodies the humble approachable personality and at the same time represents a company always pushing forward, never standing still. A feeling of momentum and unity.”