• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023


Design Bridge and Partners reimagines identity of The Archer School for Girls

ARCHER Banners

The Los Angeles-based college preparatory school’s rebrand aims to showcase to the world what has long been seen, felt and celebrated inside Archer’s gates. The school turned to WPP-owned Design Bridge and Partners to craft a visual identity which could merge classical and modern.

The project hopes to symbolise Archer’s distinctive educational position at the intersection of traditional and contemporary. The design partnership’s work was driven by three key themes: ‘vibrant’, ‘sharp’ and ‘unstoppable’, which represent a youthful, elegant and passionate reimagining of all-girls’ education.

At the heart of the revised identity is Artemis, the Greek goddess of wild animals, who is symbolised throughout the brand. For instance, ‘The Archer’ – inspired by Artemis – features in the new logo, representing each student aiming for her goals. Also taken from Greek mythology is the ‘aegis’, a protective shield that represents the intentional and secure environment which Archer strives to foster.

Elsewhere, constellation elements have been incorporated within the design. The Archer aims upwards to represent the school’s encouragement for girls to shine brightly. Star elements are crafted to bring about greater vibrancy and modernity, while gravitational elements, such as ‘The Fountain’, ‘The Palm’ and ‘The Maypole’, represent different facets of the school and its community.

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Marlee Bruning, creative director at Design Bridge and Partners, says, “At first glance, Archer’s new brand evokes a traditional, prestigious school – the evergreen and stone colour palette, the carefully crafted wordmark and classically illustrated icon. But then you look a bit closer and you see that this isn’t your average school – you see the vibrant colours cutting through, the dynamism of a moving logo, the modern content of the icons.

“The design reflects the school and its unique iterative approach to education – always researching, reflecting, adapting – it takes what’s great about classical education, and marries it with a cutting-edge modernity.”


The project also involved the creation of new photography. By capturing active and engaged learning moments, the school hopes to exhibit Archer’s commitment to creating a vibrant and positive learning environment.

Veta Bates, senior strategy director at Design Bridge and Partners, adds, "Archer possesses a unique 'glow' that awes its families and gifts its girls a signature striking brilliance. To serve the school, the girls and the world, we set out to extend that ‘glow’ well beyond its gates.”