• Transform magazine
  • April 22, 2024


Base Design updates interior and branding of Geneva’s BIRD building


The Swiss Life-owned BIRD building, located near Geneva Airport, turned to Base Design to breathe new life into the corporate hub. The global agency was responsible for redesigning the building’s layout, along with crafting a programme of events to boost community engagement.

Designed by Norman Foster in the modernist architectural style, the BIRD building has since become a major hub for Geneva-based business. However, the building was felt to be outdated and failing to align itself with the needs of modern consumers.

To combat this, Base Design started by redesigning the building’s overall strategy and embracing customer-centric development. With the help of Voisins, group8, Ykra, chef Benjamin Luzuy and the Foundation Apprentis d’Auteuil International, the project led to a wholesale reimagining of the BIRD’s interior design and restaurant experiences.


One of the major transformations as a result of the project includes the work done to common areas – now considered essential communication zones for residents. The aim is for these areas to become focal points of the property.

Base Design’s work also extends to translating the BIRD’s new positioning into branding and communication tools.