• Transform magazine
  • June 21, 2024


Annum Architects brand reimagined by Greenspace

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The award-winning international architectural planning and design firm from Boston sought the help of Greenspace to rebrand and relaunch across all markets. The London-based agency was initially responsible for renaming the brand before completing a total visual identity overhaul.

Previously known as Ann Beha Architects, the firm had been responsible for designing award-winning buildings including Yale University’s Center for Humanities, Harvard University’s Houghton Library and the Portland Art Museum. On the back of this success, the firm was hoping to move onto its next phase of evolution.

The first step was to rename Ann Beha Architects. Recognising the firm’s commitment to timeliness, its sustainability practices and creating buildings which bridge the past and future, Greenspace conceived the concept ‘Your place in time’. Building directly on from this, the name Annum was decided on due to its meaning: ‘in or for each year’.


Reflecting the classic and contemporary that exists in Annum’s work, Greenspace then designed the full visual identity to match the naming work. The agency hopes the new wordmark, which joins both Serif and Sans Serif typefaces through a subtle ligature, evokes a striking and timeless feel. The design system also includes contrasting colour palettes, materials, type styling, finishing types and image treatments.

Greenspace then implemented the new identity across the entire brand, from physical elements to its digital presence. The agency also built a sophisticated search function to clearly order the firm’s three decades of work through a new online experience.

Luke McIlveen, design director at Greenspace, says, “The rollout of the identity includes printed materials, office signage, and website. The new online experience acts as an elegant and contemporary archive of the practice’s work that aims to marry both the old and the new into a succinct online portal. The site is underpinned by a sophisticated search functionality and playful gesturing that creates an intuitive and visually striking digital experience.”