• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


The Working Assembly launches independent type foundry

Beer Turnaround

The New York-based agency’s new type foundry, named ‘Work Type’, is set to specialise in the creation and production of bespoke and unique typefaces. Designed both for retail and custom use, the fonts created by the foundry will be rooted in purpose.

Work Type announced the launch of its first two typefaces at the end of October. TWA Brik is described as a loud display sans serif inspired by the street signage of New York, while TWA Assembly Sans is considered a charismatic work horse sans.

By designing an IPA beer label in conjunction with Five Boroughs Brewing Company, Work Type demonstrated the versatility and function of its new fonts.

Jolene Delisle, founder and creative director at The Working Assembly, says, “We are always on the lookout for unique typefaces that satisfy our desire for quality and originality in our branding projects.

"We customise or draw type from scratch for our wordmarks, and it seemed like the next logical step to turn our type drawings into full-fledged typefaces; sharing our own ideas, alternate perspectives, and hopefully giving other designers an opportunity to explore ‘what’s next’ in the world of design.”

Delisle continues, “It's important for us to support creative endeavours internally that manifest itself outside the traditional roles and responsibilities of our day-to-day jobs. Our designer, Christian Dexter, is a talented type designer and we are excited about him spearheading this new initiative and getting the rest of the design team involved and inspired to create new typefaces with him."


The Working Assembly will release a third typeface in January 2023, with the aim of launching four more type families later in the year.