• Transform magazine
  • February 04, 2023


That Thing’s Easyfundraising rebrand to combat 'cost of giving' crisis

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With the decrease in donations to charities and causes coinciding with the British public’s economic problems, That Thing sought to offer clarity to the ‘givetech’ brand’s audience as to how the product worked. Along with designing a new brand, the London-based agency also created a new messaging bank, website, campaign and toolkit.

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Easyfundraising partners with over 7,000 brands, giving consumers the option of donating to good causes at checkout through the companies they buy from. Not costing the consumer a penny, over 180,000 charities have benefitted from the company’s existence.

But with confusion surrounding what Easyfundraising actually does, That Thing was appointed to offer clarity. The agency partnered with artist Rocio Egio, whose work aims to inspire joy through the use of recognisable geometry compositions and vibrant colours, in order to build a suite of illustrations to demonstrate how everyday actions can lead to positive outcomes.

Mark Williams, co-founder at That Thing, says, “One of the biggest jobs the brand had to do, was educate people about the range of everyday stuff you could buy with Easyfundraising. The illustrative approach gave us a playful way of elevating those everyday purchases and turning them into cash for stuff you care about. Like the big shop into money for your local school, or the car insurance renewal into cash for cancer research.”  

The most important message in the campaign, according to That Thing co-founder Joe Weir, was that it is the brands who donate. To effectively communicate this vital information, the agency also designed clear and understandable descriptors to accompany the new illustrations, which would be placed at crucial points on the user journey.

With That Thing’s work championing all causes – from global charities to local groups – in the hope of building longevity into the product, Easyfundraising has noted a 35% increase in conversion rate on some key landing pages since the project was completed.