• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


Rook/NYC designs bold new look for Vermont-based ‘superdrink’


Matt Sayre’s beverage brand Shrubbly has undergone a dramatic design refresh that engages health-focused consumers and aims to share the narrative and health benefits of the shrub fermentation process. Collaborating with the independent creative agency ROOK/NYC, Shrubbly has launched an array of striking visual assets for the can sleeves, shipping trays, and website.

Sayre’s product, which nods to an age-old American tradition of infusing fruits and herbs into vinegar to make a delicious drink, now boasts a contemporary design that catches the eye of the consumer looking for a wellness shot. Highlighting the unique health benefits and flavour profiles gained from shrub fermentation, the packaging designed by ROOK/NYC is bold and intriguing: matte-black, featuring vibrant botanical illustrations.

Founder and creative partner, Mark Christou, explains that the drink’s packaging aims to communicate the fascinating history of shrub-based drinks, in a way that is playful and light-hearted. Christou says, “The brand identity and design were developed to tell a story around the world of shrubs and the spirit of wildness that comes from this farm-based brand.”

The redesign manages to strike a balance between trend and tradition. Christou’s team has revived the shrub-based, vinegar-infused drink by drawing in the modern consumer, searching for a unique product that rivals and differentiates it from existing health boosting beverages.