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  • April 16, 2024


London-based StormBrands redesigns Morrisons’ range of ready meals

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Design and strategy agency StormBrands has delivered a rebrand of Morrisons’ calorie-focused food range ‘Counted’ that aims to highlight the benefits of a healthy lifestyle whilst also focusing on conveying flavour, reflecting an emerging attitude that diet foods should also be delicious.

StormBrands’ innovative design involved using bold typography, a vibrant colour palette, and an expressive tone of voice, aiming to set itself apart from similar products on supermarket shelves. As part of its ongoing partnership with the British supermarket chain, the redesign emphasises how Morrisons’ brand seeks to buck the current trend of bland and poorly seasoned healthy food.

Zoe Phillipson, creative director at StormBrands, says, “We’ve flipped the diet world on its head using the category codes of ‘Counted’ but with the colour palette ‘dialled up’ to the max. It’s now at its loudest and proudest with powerful range typography taking centre stage.

“Clear calorie messaging is still at the heart of the proposition but it’s now celebratory rather than apologetic. We’ve effectively elevated the ‘Counted’ range to a world of flavour without compromise.”


StormBrands initially researched the motivations of calorie sensitive consumers by exploring market trends. The agency decided consumers will value products endorsed by wellness experts that are simple, convenient, and fully deliver on flavour. The agency team focused on a simple but colourful design, allowing the consumer to easily distinguish the range whilst also aiming to celebrate its healthy credentials rather than conceal them.