• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Principle undertakes ‘people-based’ brand overhaul of fintech firm Temenos

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The global brand and implementation consultancy built Temenos’ new brand positioning and identity around the concept of making it ‘Everyone’s banking platform’, further underlining the firm’s commitment to powering a world of banking that creates opportunities for everyone. Principle’s extensive work covered everything from a logo transformation to a brighter colour palette.

The brand update is informed by Temenos’ strategic shift towards being an open platform for composable banking. The hope is customers’ changing needs will be better served by the cloud-based business model in which bank and non-bank clients can quickly create adaptable financial systems.

Principle made use of the arc of an exponential curve as a metaphor to represent the potential of the brand to create opportunities for everyone. Known as the Temenos ‘Curve’, it forms part of a visual identity system designed to flex across formats as well as highlight important content across all communications.

Along with new core values and an employee value proposition, Principle also developed a drastically revised logo for the global software company. Having sought for the new design to symbolise confidence and simplicity, the Swiss-listed fintech firm’s new logo can now be used in different ways across the company’s key applications.


Adding to the sense of approachability, Principle’s work sees the introduction of a hand-crafted san-serif font. The curves are used to exhume a feeling of innovation, scale and movement, while the additional use of Utile and Skeena fonts attempt to add consistency across touchpoints. Elsewhere, a brighter version of the traditional Temenos blue is backed up by two new warm and vibrant colours; coral and moss green.

Principle chief strategy officer, Veb Anand, said, “As a leader in banking software, Temenos needed to reinforce its commitment to cloud-based solutions as well as being a people-focused brand for its clients, partners and employees. We worked with the team to find ways to inject greater meaning and relevance into the brand for all its constituents, while building on its powerful history and track record.”

The updated brand has already been launched online and at the Temenos Community Forum, though new elements – also created by Principle – are set to be introduced over the next year.