• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


New Lebanese food brand Biladi receives modern visual identity for its range of spreads and dips

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London-based design agency Lewis Moberly was tasked with creating an identity and designing the packaging for the Middle East-themed food brand. Operating in a cluttered and confused category, Biladi sought to be something different by leaning on Lebanon’s vibrant culture.

The agency recognised that established competitors have lost sight of who they are as they create bigger ranges for its audience, while some ‘ethnic’ brands rely on clichés and stereotypes to market themselves. To appeal to modern foodies in the UK, Lewis Moberly worked closely with the brand’s founders, Abbas Zein and Khodor Fawaz, creating as authentic a brand as possible to popularise Lebanese cuisine and reflect the vibrant aesthetics of the Middle East.

Biladi’s new marque, appearing vertically on products to act as a disruptor in the invariably predictable category, aims to capture the modernity and authenticity of the brand. The bold, yet simple marque is paired with the tagline ‘deliciously lebanese’, signalling the brand’s heritage and central theme.

Alessandra Desfoux, managing partner at Lewis Moberly, says, “Our challenge was to get cut-through on-shelf. The Lebanese lifestyle is healthy and the meal occasions sociable. We drew inspiration from this, alongside the bold flavour experiences and fresh ingredients of the cuisine to celebrate the products’ authenticity.”

Traditional Lebanese patterns were given a modern makeover, appearing within Biladi’s marque to indicate which of its range of six spreads and dips were sweet or savoury. This is complemented by the inclusion of a vibrant two-tone palette.