• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


New civil rights education platform, Good & Common, branded by Landscape

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The Californian agency worked with civil rights lawyer DeWitt Lacy to brand the free online resource which aims to educate and empower Americans to understand and use their civil rights when interacting with law enforcement. Landscape designed the brand from scratch, creating the name, logo and strategic content architecture.


Lacy opted to partner with Landscape following its initiative of offering pro bono branding and design work for black-owned businesses and organisations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In turn, the agency agreed on Lacy’s project proposal due to the social benefits that could be generated.

The name chosen – Good & Common – was deemed to sound universal, democratic and optimistic, therefore reflecting the long-term vision of Lacy’s platform. The new, simple logo of white rectangles on a black background depicts a bookshelf and a peace sign. Inspired by posters and pamphlets from the civil rights movement, this aims to underpin both the knowledge the platform can offer as well as the impact this initiative could have on the lives of Americans.

Founder and executive creative director at Landscape, Adam Weiss, says, “Fundamentally, Good & Common was created in an effort to help protect life and strengthen community. We’re proud to have played a role in realizing DeWitt’s vision, and are hopeful the platform will support our social fabric nation-wide.”


Aspiring to translate Lacy’s knowledge and experiences in the legal field into accessible and actionable information for all Americans, Landscape was responsible for the text and video resources on the platform which informs citizens on their rights and how to use them. The resources range from “Protesting” to “Filming the Police.”

Ben Bloom, associate creative director at Landscape says, “It signals a sense of unity and accessibility — a brand that can act as a resource for all people.” He adds, “DeWitt had this project in his head for almost five years, and needed direction to turn his wealth of knowledge into something digestible, accessible, and interesting.”

With the partnership between Lacy and Landscape set to continue, videos and text on the platform are set to be translated into Spanish and Chinese to increase accessibility. Other languages will be incorporated over time.