• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


Dragon Rouge develops full visual identity system for law firm Bird & Bird

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With the partnership beginning in spring 2021, the ambition for international brand Bird & Bird was to have a significant update implemented across the whole brand. Global agency, Dragon Rouge, was tasked with taking the website’s initial design concept and creating a full visual identity system.

By adopting the brand’s personality traits – curious, bright, practical, likeable – as a strategic foundation for the visual style, design guidelines and template, Dragon Rouge went about creating an identity system that aimed to add a new coherence, vibrancy and flexibility to the brand.

Working closely with the corporate law firm’s in-house team across design development, as well as preparing for launch and the ongoing implementation, enabled Dragon Rouge to assess the strengths of the brand’s existing assets.

Hayley Brooksbank, head of marketing and communications at Bird & Bird, says, “We needed a fresh new look to support our revised brand strategy, and Dragon Rouge delivered something exceptional. At every step they pushed us to think in a bigger, more expansive way, but what was absolutely critical was that they never let go of the detail.”


As part of the theme of ‘curious connections’, Dragon Rouge opted to make use of the ampersand from the brand’s marque, extending a ‘curiosity line’ from it across the comms.

Additionally, the agency used highly coloured imagery along with a vivid colour palette, designed to allow natural space for content and to demonstrate that Bird & Bird is connected to the modern world.

By integrating the tagline ‘One firm. Your firm’ throughout the new design system, Bird & Bird hopes this will allow the brand to stand out in its sector by reflecting the energy and versatility of the firm.

Brooksbank adds, “Our new visual style is built on some very strong foundations, which is vital as we are a highly complex business, so the visual style really needs to be able to stretch and flex. We have a robust design logic and a beautiful brand style which we are all very proud of.”