• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


British agency Studio Noel refreshes hire and events company SLX’s brand identity

  • SLX 2 – After Image
  • SLX 4 – 3D Services Illustrations
  • SLX 3 – Website

SLX offers events industry expertise in lighting, audio, video and rigging. The London-based agency created a brand video, along with a suite of in-house 3D illustrations, as part of the attempts to create a cohesive and authentic brand strategy.

Aiming to redefine SLX, Studio Noel undertook a deep dive of the brand over two months by completing a series of workshops, stakeholder interviews and brand-competitor audits. The agency’s main aim from this was to fully uncover SLX’s purpose, which it eventually pinpointed as: to deliver innovative technology and aspirational experiences through collaboration.

Michelle Noel, strategic creative director and founder of Studio Noel, says, “The series of workshops we created and facilitated for got the steering committee thinking, experimenting and working collaboratively to see the business from new perspectives. Through a series of activities, we uncovered their brand’s purpose, vision and the shared values that they had as a company.

“We also lead sessions on defining their brand pillars and target audience, all of which were used to guide and inform the visual and verbal identity stage of the project,” Noel adds.

Identifying ‘movement’ as the driving force behind SLX’s work, Studio Noel embedded kinetic and fixed 3D illustrated animations across the brand’s website, interior graphics, social media templates and presentation packs.

“We created a suite of 3D illustrations in-house – each one representing one of the three key brand pillars (concepts and design, equipment and hire, and production and delivery),” says Noel. “These animations brought the identity to life and provided clear avenues for us to utilise animation as a storytelling tool throughout their digital assets.”

With SLX entering new markets and reaching new audiences, the rebrand aspires to set the hire and events company up for a strong period of growth.