• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


BIC’s BodyMark range rebranded with fresh energy and confidence

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The range of BIC cosmetic-grade temporary tattoo markers were redesigned by international design agency JDO. The aim is that the new visual identity will break category conventions and invite young people to express themselves without limits by delivering powerful standout.

By developing a premium, cosmetic aesthetic for the sub-brand, JDO sought to elevate it from the rest of BIC’s portfolio. This was to be done while still retaining the brand’s overarching position as a provider of simple, reliable choices for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Ben Oates, group creative director at JDO, says, “I believe that everyone at some time or another has had the urge to turn their skin into a canvas. BIC’s BodyMark provides an outlet for this very personal form of self-expression with its fantastic range of products.

“In designing the identity and packaging, we really wanted to show that this is not just another stationery product, but an incredibly special and unique creative tool that beauty fanatics, body artists, aspiring illustrators and everyone in-between can use to unleash their imaginations.”


Hoping to help the brand stand out and inspire, JDO sought to strike a balance between the love of creativity and the need for simplicity. The agency’s work includes a bold wordmark to reenergise the brand, while an adaptation of the colour palette sees the introduction of a vibrant teal. Meanwhile, packaging photography features a diverse range of ‘tattooed’ arms to celebrate the freedom of drawing on your body.

By maintaining an uncluttered simplicity, BodyMark’s lively and bright new look lends itself to limited-time campaigns, like Pride and Halloween, meaning young creative consumers can make their mark during these events.