• Transform magazine
  • May 17, 2021


W7Worldwide published 7-step guide to maintain brand resilience during Covid-19

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Jeddah-based marketing communications consultancy W7Worldwide produced its ‘7 Steps to Brand Resilience in Covid-19’ guide to summarize the key factors businesses currently must consider in their brand strategy. According to the report, brand resilience is not a single-faceted attribute, and that building trust is the single common requirement to boost the impact and value of an organization’s reputation.

The guide suggest that businesses need to focus on social listening and learning, in addition to making use of the increase in digital technologies that have transformed the way we communicate, learn and shop in the pandemic. Brand resilience ultimately refers to the ability of top decision makers to systematically preserve and even increase their companies' strength with the aid of their brand.
Customer centricity, humanity and corporate social responsibility are no longer a strategic choice but a business survival technique, explains Abdulrahman Inayat, co-founder and director of W7Worldwide.

“We have seen how company reputations have either been made or broken by their response to the Covid-19 outbreak, causing most organizations to rethink how they engage and communicate with customers, partners, employees, and the community,” says Inayat.

“Customers are now much more concerned about the value exchange between themselves and the brands they choose to do business with, causing companies to bridge the gap and safeguard brand resilience through trust-building.”

The guide sheds light on how common purpose has emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic, and urges brands to tap into this common purpose and consider how their customers use, advocate, or connect with their products and services.