• Transform magazine
  • June 16, 2024


U.S. data analytics company uses animated content to move brand forward

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California-based data analytics company ThoughtSpot worked with Ohio-based creative group leftchannel to help translate the complicated narratives around business intelligence into clear and engaging animated content.


ThoughtSpot’s AI-driven platform, which allows users to explore and analyse large quantities of business data quickly, is at times overwhelming and abstract. To counter that, Leftchannel presented branded animation as a means to feature more benefit-forward depictions of the ThoughtSpot’s value.

“In seeking a better understanding of the ThoughtSpot product and brand, we saw an opportunity to expand on the brand identity and allow room for character animations that could tell more human stories. Something clear, relatable and fun to watch. Something that fits in with the overall visual language and becomes recognizably ThoughtSpot,” said leftchannel’s president and creative director, Alberto Scirocco.

The animated pieces include ad campaigns, sales demos and assets for website and social. ThoughtSpot is a believer in the ability of high-end motion design to help it expand the reach of its brand. The collaboration between the two teams has helped evolve the ThoughtSpot message by allowing it to tell stories in more effective ways.

“During the last 6 months, in the heart of COVID, we've seen our lead traffic go up by 35%. That's because, in the digital world, we've been able to get attention from people with really good creative and really well run events with really good content. I would not have expected to have a partnership that exceeded my expectations like this,” says Scott Holden, CMO at ThoughtSpot.


ThoughtSpot Cloud Ad from leftchannel on Vimeo.