• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Turner Duckworth creates new visual identity for Baskin-Robbins Korea

Turner Duckwork Top

Global design agency Turner Duckworth worked with ice cream brand Baskin-Robbins Korea to develop a new visual identity and packaging for the brand.


Turner Duckworth was tasked with redesigning a new custom identity for Baskin-Robbins Korea, who’s current brand identity had been anchored in U.S. ice cream mythology, namely a more nostalgic image rooted in the ice cream parlors of 1950’s America.

“We envisioned the elevated role of the Baskin-Robbins Korea brand as something more progressive and creative, that leans more toward fashion than food- perfectly reflective of the ice cream culture in Korea,” says Christian Eager, creative director at Turner Duckworth. “By creating an own able system of patterns in their primary color palette of pink, blue and white, simplifying the designs to put the brand logo and word mark front and center.”

Building from the product itself, the agency created new patterns inspired by the layers chunks and swirls of flavor found in the ice cream scoops. The suite of patterns embraced the individuality and uniqueness of the ice cream, celebrating the experience while capturing the personality and variety found in each scoop.

The new identity seeks to bring the brand to life in a joyful and witty way to cater to the restless demand of the Korean consumer.