• Transform magazine
  • March 03, 2024


The Space Creative designs new Canadian-inspired identity for St. Lawrence Gold


Bath and Bristol-based creative agency, The Space Creative, rebranded Canadian food brand St. Lawrence Gold. Distributed in the UK by DJM Food Solutions, St. Lawrence Gold have a range of honeys, maple syrups, maple butter and sugar, all of which made and bottled in Canada.


The Space Creative have been working with St. Lawrence Gold to rebrand their entire product portfolio with the honeys first to be launched. The current range of four flavours are all produced in the province of Ontario and are made from 100% pure Canadian honey.

The brief was to make the honeys stand out as the staple Canadian honey brand in a fixture of bee and flower imagery.

“Our design needed to reflect the higher price point as well as position them as a ‘foodie’ honey vs. manuka’s ‘health’ positioning. We created a design that transports you to the great Canadian outdoors,” says David Thomson, creative director at The Space Creative.

The design includes an illustrated scene that depicts mountains, forestry and a bear with her cub, all of which aim to be representative of Canada and its outdoor scene. The colour palette evokes nature and the outdoors, with different greens, earthy tones and sunset hues that further enrich the illustrations.

“We were struggling to break through to a bricks and mortar retail chain. The Space Creative quickly grasped our brand values and transformed our existing “good” design into “breakthrough” design. We have gained 3 new listings in a major multiple and are now working with The Space Creative on our core range,” says Steve Jackson, St Lawrence Gold sales director.