• Transform magazine
  • October 28, 2021


Smith &+ Village designs new identity for Harrods' own brand confectionary

TT 15 June Harrods Updated

UK-based creative agency Smith &+ Village designed a refreshed visual identity for Harrods’ own brand confectionary in the luxury store’s newly opened Chocolate Hall, the last of Harrods’ famed food halls to be revamped.

Visitors can see artisans at work making bonbons, filled bars and other chocolates, with live demonstrations from Harrods’ in-house chocolate masters.

“Harrods is famous throughout the world for being the home of super brands, and we knew we needed to create a super brand out of confectionery,” says Richard Village, strategy director of Smith &+ Village. “We made very sure that the design of the new packaging followed the principles of a super brand and conveyed the same opulent look and feel."

Smith &+ Village used intricate materials and brand patterns, in addition to the the ‘H’ monogram, to create an ‘uber-luxurious and seductive’ brand identity that can sit among other world-class leader in the category, Village explains.

The revamped chocolate hall aims to recognise the importance of the building’s Grade I-listed status, while incorporating modern materials and technology. Smith&+Village’s tubs of cocoa dusted fruit and nuts use variegated colours in an attempt to be both understated and celebratory. The chocolates aim to work as active elements of store’s visual language and as individual covetable gifts.

“These rooms are incredibly impressive and we needed to having something that both echoed the grandeur of the chocolate hall and would also be contextualised within it, so that it all tells a seamless Harrods story,” says Village.
As well as the cocoa dusted fruit and nuts, the range encompasses chocolate thins, fondant, and large truffle selection, Turkish delight and cola cubes. The ‘H’ monogram repeated in gold against a bright colour palette becomes a kind of house check pattern, seeking to convey the finesse of the treats within.